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Brian King, MD of The Contact People said:- “I have worked with Steve Pinder of EAD for many years.  Steve provides direct access for advice, and gives practical guidance on what can appear to be difficult staff issues.  I consider that Steve always strives to ensure that our legal costs are at a reasonable level and I believe that the legal work adds value to our business”.

Terry Reed, Director at Keppie Massie said:- “At Keppie Massie we receive high quality legal advice from Steve Pinder of EAD Solicitors, and in working with our business Steve is approachable and seeks to achieve a practical outcome.  We also consider that access to this advice has always been affordable. We believe that we have received value for money”.


What we do for businesses

Brian King, MD of The Contact People said:- “We have worked with Steve Pinder at EAD on several areas of employment law involving sometimes technical and sensitive problems. Steve has helped us when necessary, providing legal and practical assistance to us in dealing with staff issues from time to time, and I have always found his advice to be pragmatic and direct.  Last year the business faced a claim in the Tribunal involving serious allegations. Steve dealt with the matter for us and without any full hearing taking place he was able to persuade the Tribunal to strike the claim out. His sensible and proactive approach meant that we did not have to be involved in lengthy Tribunal proceedings and saved the business a substantial sum in costs”


Settlement Agreement

One Client said:- I instructed Steve in relation to a fairly complex settlement agreement. He was extremely approachable and friendly which immediately set me at ease. Steve spent a great deal of time going through the draft agreement with me, clause by clause. His advice throughout was clear, concise and practical. He kept me fully updated at all times regarding the progress of the negotiations and overall he made a very difficult and stressful situation a great deal easier”. N.S.

Peter Bounds, said:- EAD have advised on about 100 Settlement Agreements for members of a Trade Union representing senior officers in local authorities.  The service provided is excellent; professional, bespoke, within tight timescales when necessary, entirely sensitive to the local Government context, giving effect to the terms agreed and offering clients clear advice that is comprehensive and comprehensible”. 


EAD at the Employment Tribunal

 Paul O’Donoghue, MD of Dateshare Ltd said:- My company employs over 40 staff in the Health Care Sector and on occasions we have had employment issues for which I have sought legal advice from EAD. One such occasion was in the summer of 2015 regarding an Unfair Dismissal Claim.

 Working with Steve Pinder on a very difficult and technical problem, we managed to resolve the claim before it actually reached the Employment Tribunal. Steve provided me with clear and concise advice focusing upon the issues, and the risks that would have arisen on a financial level, had the case proceeded to tribunal.

 His strategy for dealing with matters in a proportionate manner was extremely professional and informative. With Steve’s intervention the claim was settled without proceeding to tribunal, and resulted in a settlement that was acceptable to us. The financial implications would have been a lot worse had the case progressed, as we were undoubtedly culpable in the matter.

 The whole outcome was entirely satisfactory and I am pleased to recommend Steve for any employment problems.

 I have since had cause to approach Steve for further advice, and will continue to utilise EAD for any further issues we may have.


EAD Employment Law Training

 Gale Stevenson, Regional Legal Co-Ordinator for Unite North West Region says:-

As Regional Legal Co-Ordinator for Unite’s North West Region, part of my duties entail obtaining the best possible training resource for our officers, staff, lay representatives and members.  On numerous occasions I have enlisted the support of Steve Pinder and Sarah Williams of EAD Solicitors who have unfailingly delivered a range of high quality training.  This ensures that our activists are fully equipped with an awareness of the many legal matters that affect our union and its members, and this is a high priority for the union.  The feedback I receive from the sessions is that both Steve and Sarah address those attending in a positive manner.  Both go beyond just providing a breakdown of legislative changes, they enthusiastically and supportively describe the best way forward for our representatives.  The practical sessions involving creating Mock Employment Tribunals have I believe proved invaluable and they have been described as excellent by the participants. I hope that we can enjoy this level of high quality support on a continuing basis, with the union and its members facing evermore daunting challenges.

John Walsh, Senior Organiser for Unite in the West Midlands says:-

As a long standing officer for the TGWU and now Unite the Union, I have over the past 27 years attended countless hours of training.  I am responsible for organising training for many of our senior representatives as the District Secretary of the Birmingham Power Engineering District Committee, and I am now Secretary of the West Midlands Aerospace RISC.  During that period I have worked closely with EAD and particularly Stephen Pinder who has been responsible for delivering training.  When setting up training I always start from the standpoint of asking myself one question:-

 “What would I as a Senior Representative want from the training?”

 I will always have the following points in mind:-

 It must be delivered clearly.

 It must be relevant to the daily challenges faced by our representatives. 

 The Solicitor delivering the training must be absolutely committed to achieving justice for our members and has a good industrial grounding, as well as appropriate legal experience. 

 Finally, the Solicitor must make the training interesting.

 I can say without doubt that during my time working with EAD and Stephen Pinder, his input has helped me to help our members and the representatives to help themselves.  That is, after all, what we are here for.


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Extremely happy with the outcome of my Personal Injury Claim and can only thank Paul McCarthy and his team at EAD Solicitors and also Tim Trotman my barrister arranged by EAD, for all their work and efforts on my behalf. As such I would highly recommend EAD to anyone in need of their service. Once again thanks to all involved.
Brodie Martin, Merseyside
Excellent, very professional, approachable when I needed advice. I would just like to say thank you to your staff.
Robert Adams, West Midlands

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