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Change your solicitor to EAD

The question as to whether you can change your solicitor is a common and often wrongly answered one. In short, the answer is quite simple: yes! However do remember that just because a solicitor/adviser doesn’t tell you what you want to hear that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad at their job.

A common example of people thinking they are stuck with their lawyer is when their insurers have told them that they have the use of a free solicitor from their panel which they must use. This is not the case, as the solicitors can recommend but not ‘tell’ a client which solicitor to use – this is your decision entirely.

However, if you are planning on switching solicitors we might offer some advice on precautions to, as this is not a measure you should take lightly. For those getting legal aid you will only be able to change your solicitor/adviser if there is a good reason to do so e.g. bad advice or malpractice. If you want to change, then the earlier in your case you change the better. FYI, you can’t have two solicitors/advisers at once.

As well as this you should make sure a new solicitor/adviser will take your case on before you leave your old one. It can be very difficult to find a new solicitor/adviser because there aren’t enough of them willing to take on cases from other solicitors/advisers. This makes it all the more important that you find a good one at the very beginning.

Here are some key points on the process of exchanging a solicitor:

  • It does not cost anything to get a second opinion
  • It is very straightforward process to have the case file transferred to us
  • It won’t cost you a penny

So, what are some valid reasons for changing solicitors?

  • The solicitor you are using is slow or uncommunicative
  • The solicitor in question is not a specialist in the area of law you require
  • They lack enthusiasm and interest in the case
  • They keep asking for money, and seem overly interested in the costs
  • They seem to be in the insurance company’s pocket


What others say about us

Extremely happy with the outcome of my Personal Injury Claim and can only thank Paul McCarthy and his team at EAD Solicitors and also Tim Trotman my barrister arranged by EAD, for all their work and efforts on my behalf. As such I would highly recommend EAD to anyone in need of their service. Once again thanks to all involved.
Brodie Martin, Merseyside
Excellent, very professional, approachable when I needed advice. I would just like to say thank you to your staff.
Robert Adams, West Midlands

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