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We’ve all heard of internet trolling and celebrities running away with their mouths on Twitter. The use of Twitter in recent events such as the riots back in 2011 are testament to how powerful social media has become. On one side we witnessed rioters posting their intentions, inviting others to join them in arson and burglary. On the other, police investigators and detectives were forced to escape their normal procedures and engage in the use of Twitter to catch thieves and arsonists. This infographic reminds us to be careful of what we say on Twitter. Many have underestimated what effects freedom of speech can have on both the individual and third parties. We are faced with many legal issues such as copyright infringement and defamatory statements. Take a look at this infographic to see just how serious things can get if you don’t think before you tweet.

Have you ever been subjected to workplace bullying either online or in the workplace? Do you feel that someone has damaged your reputation at work because of something they said? For many years, our award winning employment law solicitors have been working to defend the rights of employees who’ve suffered workplace bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination. We’ve also resolved issues regarding equal pay, maternity disputes and pay issues and disputes.

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