Selfies in the workplace, are they worth your job?


Selfies in the workplace, are they worth your job? Hold your smartphone at arm’s length and point that front-facing camera at yourself in celebration: “Selfie” is now Merriam-Webster approved. It’s difficult to escape the word, it’s everywhere! Selfie’s allow us to document happy occasions such as, festivals, holidays, birth of a new baby and even meeting your favourite celebrity may prompt a selfie but there are places and times when they can get you into a heap of trouble. Selfies in the workplace may seem like a bit of harmless fun and with the emergence of a new app called Snapchat, some find it difficult to resist a quick selfie to send to a group of friends to break up a mundane Monday. This infographic shows the types of things that you should be mindful of next time you decide to celebrate with an ‘it’s Friday’ selfie.

Employment disputes can be complex and if you’re pressured into a certain way of thinking by your employer, then it’s possible that you are being unlawfully mistreated. Claiming against your employer can be very daunting. Our experience in employment law means that we understand the situation you face but with some quality advice from our Liverpool solicitors you will be left feeling much more confident about your situation. Both trade union and non-trade union members in employment can benefit from the experience of our employment law solicitors delivering a tailored service to suit you and your needs, with cost-effective options including ‘no win, no fee’ agreements.

Our employment law solicitors are highly experienced in all aspects of employment law including, employment disputes, unfair dismissal, zero hour contracts and many more.

Our employment law team has grown at a steady pace over the years and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of clients. The employment law team regularly attend various workplaces to reflect the increasing importance of employment law issues that employees are often subjected to. Our employment law solicitors have policies in place to advise individuals on a cost effective basis, including the use of ‘no win, no fee’ agreements in some cases.

Legislation changes all the time, so we recommend any disputes or concerns you experience at work should be discussed with our employment law team at EAD. Union members should speak to their local union office before making a claim.

For more information call us today on 0151 735 1000 and speak to one of our Employment Law Solicitors, or ask a employment law question using our free legal advice tool ASK EAD


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