When you mind wanders ask EAD

Busy lives juggling work and family life means sometimes we don’t get the time to sort out our ‘life admin’. We’ve all spent our lunchtimes on Google trying to find an answer to a  problem only to be presented with a multitude of obscure solutions that are simply a waste of time. This is why we have created a website that allows you to ask us any legal question with the simple click of a button, absolutely FREE.

Aptly named Ask EAD, the site allows you to input your question and ‘Ask Away’. Your question is then routed to our team of specialist solicitors who can then reply (within the hour) with your answer. You are then advised how to proceed with your issue, of which we are sure we will be able to assist you with. What’s more is, if we find that the matter is something we cannot deal with, our membership with Liverpool Legal Alliance means that your matter can be referred to a Liverpool solicitor firm better equipped to assist you with your legal problems.

Give it a try today. From questions about buying a house to making a will or accidents at work and medical negligence claims we are sure to have the answer for you.


By Edward Allen