Recently I went for a new tattoo, I actually agonised over what to have and where for a long time.

As you may know if you are going to ink your body, you want it done right, but when researching my Tattoo, I found some horror stories online. The most common was when the tattoo artist spells it wrong.

It put me in a panic that my new tattoo wouldn’t be just right.

I had to do a lot of work to find the perfect and professional tattoo artist. But I did my recon first.  I checked out the parlour and its reviews. I also asked around if people knew anything bad about it. I also made sure that the tattoo parlour followed the guidance on NHS websites, such as:

  • The Tattoo artist should present you with a list of medical questions before they start on your tattoo.
  • They should display a health and safety certificate, which is fully on display in the parlour.
  • The Tattoo artist should make sure that they use a new sterile needle on you.
  • The artist should wash their hands thoroughly and wear disposable latex gloves and show you that they have done this.

After care is very important. The tattoo artist should advise you how to care for your new tattoo for the next few weeks.

Luckily my tattoo went amazingly, and I’m very happy, but I was lucky and my new body art is what I wanted, but that doesn’t happen to everyone.

misspelled tattoo

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Awful isn’t it? But don’t despair, if a tattooist makes a mess of your tattoo, by either not spelling your tattoo correctly or not following your instructions, then in accordance with consumer law the tattooist is breaching their contract with you, meaning you may be able claim compensation. We can also attempt to obtain compensation for you for either covering up the tattoo, the laser removal or repair.

For more information on making a tattoo claim, contact our beauty treatment injury claim specialists on 0151 735 1000 and speak to a Liverpool solicitor today.

By Tristan Folkard