The ability to use your hands is an essential part of everyday life. Losing the ability to use them effectively is something that fortunately does not affect many people. However sadly some workers are still being exposed to dangerous levels of vibration without appropriate protection causing them to suffer from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, also known as Vibration White Finger.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is a condition which causes difficulties with your hands including numbness, tingling, loss of sensation, pins and needles, blanching of the fingers, pain and loss of grip or dexterity. A diagnosis of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or Vibration White Finger can affect your hobbies, and in some instances, your work and livelihood.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and Vibration White Finger can be very debilitating diseases

Paul Currie, Partner of EAD Solicitors comments: “Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and Vibration White Finger can be very debilitating diseases. There are many things which employers can do to help prevent their workers from suffering from vibration injuries and to look after their workers’ hands including, amongst other things, using vibration dampening tools and equipment, rotating duties away from exposure to vibration, monitoring the health of their workers and providing gloves to keep their hands warm.”

Continued Paul: “Fortunately the Health and Safety Executive continue to investigate employers who act in breach of the Regulations covering exposure to vibration and indeed as recently as September 2017 a company located in the North West was fined for failing to act in accordance with its duties to its employees showing exposure to dangerous vibration sadly still takes place.”

Sometimes the company or organisation you worked for will no longer exist but a specialist lawyer is able to restore them, providing their insurers can be located, to allow you to bring a claim for compensation to help you put your life back together or make things more comfortable. As symptoms often do not become apparent until many years later, and some employers may argue other companies are to blame for all the symptoms in certain circumstances, it is vital to take specialist legal advice as soon as possible to ensure you are in the best position to bring a claim.

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