When out on the road there are a number of things a driver must be mindful of. Whether on a busy motorway or a country lane a driver has to keep his eyes open and watch out for potential hazards such as pedestrians and other vehicles.

However, whilst behind the wheel there is the temptation to become distracted. Mobile phones, altering the radio or talking to a passenger can momentarily cause you to take your eyes off the road. The majority of the time this lapse in concentration goes without consequence, however sometimes it can end in collision.

That being said you may argue that distractions of this kind are the drivers own fault, but according to a pole of 2000 people conducted by a comparison site; ‘Confused.com’, one in three drivers who have had a crash or a near miss blamed baffling road signs on UK roads.

Confusing signs:

  • No vehicles expect bikes being pushed (red circle with white background)- 93% failed to recognise sign
  • No stopping during times shown, urban clearway (yellow and black clearway sign)- 83% unclear on the meaning of the urban clearway sign
  • No waiting (red circle with cross through and a blue background)- 67% did not know the meaning of the sign
  • No motor vehicles (red circle with black motorcycle and car with white background)- 61% failed to know the meaning of the sign

Of those who crashed after admitting they had mis-read a road sign more than four in five had to pay up to £600 in repairs. However paying for repairs isn’t the biggest problem caused by the public’s inability to read confusing road signs, with road traffic accidents comes serious injury and sometimes fatalities.

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By Edward Allen