Remember a Charity in your will week

This week is the fifth annual Remember A Charity Week. In association with the charity, Remember A Charity, EAD solicitors aim to promote leaving something to charity in your Will.

EAD Solicitors encourages all of our clients to consider a charity they feel passionately about when writing or amending their Will.

Charitable gifts left in Wills allow charities to deliver vital aid to those who need it most. So whether it’s humanitarian aid, animal cruelty or medical research that you believe in most; consider what leaving something after you have gone could do to help others.

Charitable legacies help others, so once you have ensured you love are cared for, consider a charity you believe makes a difference. Leaving something to charity after you have gone allows the charity to live on.

For more information on leaving a charitable gift in your Will contact our Wills & Probate department on 0151 735 1000 and speak to a Liverpool solicitor today.

By Edward Allen