Jane Plume, a 41 year old mother of three, was heartbroken when her best friend Gina Hibberd was killed in a fatal car-crash in 2010.

Janes best friend left behind two young sons and a terminally ill husband. Following the death of her best friend Jane quit her job so that she could care for her friend’s ill husband and his children.

Jane Plume and family

Jane with the children (image courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk)

Last November Shaun Hibberd died after battling cancer. His two sons were then taken in by Ms Plume. Lewis Hibberd, now 14, and Ashton Hibberd, now seven, are now part of the Plume family.

Ms Plume said: ‘The kids were already close because Gina and I were friends for so long, so they were like brothers and sisters

‘I didn’t think twice about taking them on – Gina was my best friend and I would have done anything for her. It was devastating when Shaun asked me to take care of the kids when he had gone but everyone knew it would be the best thing.’

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