Paula Hendrick




Personal Injury



About Paula

After qualifying in 1998, I spent a short time ‘on the dark side’, defending Personal injury claims. Thankfully, I saw the light and have been helping those injured in the work place or suffering from industrial disease to recover compensation since joining specialist Union firm John A Behn Twyford & Co in 1999. I became a partner within the firm in 2007 before merging with EAD Solicitors in 2012.


I studied Law locally at John Moores University.

Greatest Professional Achievement

As lawyers we deal with a wide variety of cases, some of which are of special interest for one reason or another. Having an innate sense of justice, being a good lawyer means that every case is just as important as the next. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t pretend my work makes a huge difference but if, ensuring fair play and securing compensation for those harmed through no fault of their own makes just a small difference, its reward enough for me.

After Work

Like most parents I have two jobs, one nine to five, the other permanent shifts!