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  • HILLSBOROUGH – “The Patronising Disposition of Unaccountable Power”

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After leaving school I accidentally began working for Merseyside County Council. This was not my intention as I had wanted to take a gap year and travel around Europe. I am still waiting. I transferred to other local authorities, qualifying as a solicitor en route and was exposed to a complete range of litigation claims in high numbers while working at Liverpool City Council. I then had the good fortune to switch sides and join John A Behn Twyford & Co. I have been recovering compensation for employees who suffer from accidents and work related industrial diseases since.

I am also head of the firm’s Hillsborough Inquest team, I am proud to help the families fight for justice for the victims of the stadium disaster.


Without question, bringing a case to the House of Lords and being able to watch the then Mr Brian Leveson QC in action. The theatre and history of the occasion was unforgettable.

Greatest Professional Achievement

Qualifying as a Solicitor, which involved intense studying and training. My professional achievements are ongoing in the sense of client satisfaction for the work I do and being appointed as a Professional Court of Protection Deputy for my clients.

Greatest Personal Achievement

I have so many things that can be classed as achievements, including running the Snowdon Marathon 10 times, completing the Welsh 14 Peak Challenge in under 24 hours. (non of this 3 Peak Challenge nonsense), but none can compare to watching my son and daughter become the young adults that they are now.

Greatest Personal Achievement

Where I would like to be found is on a remote Scottish Mountain preferably with my climbing buddies, my son and daughter who both climb and on the way to an even more remote Scottish pub.