Pre-eclampsia Claims

Pre-eclampsia poses a risk to both mother and baby. The condition usually takes affect after 20 weeks of pregnancy or soon after child birth.

Early symptoms of Pre-eclampsia include high blood pressure (hypertension) and protein in the mother’s urine (proteinuria). Due to the nature of these symptoms it is unlikely that the mother will notice them, but they should be identified by medical professionals during routine antenatal appointments.

Other symptoms may develop, such as:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Headaches
  • Swelling of the ankles, feet, face and hands (caused by fluid retention)
  • Vision problems

The cause of the condition is not known for certain, but it is thought to happen when there is a defect in the mother’s placenta, disrupting the transfer of vital nutrients and causing problems for both mother and child.
If spotted, complications can be avoided or managed through treatment. Some of the complications associated with pre-eclampsia can pose a serious threat to the health of a mother and her baby.

Complications can include:

  • Eclamptic convulsions (a type of fit)
  • HELLP syndrome (liver & blood clotting disorder)
  • Cerebral haemorrhage
  • Pulmonary odema (fluid build up in/around lungs)
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Blood clotting disorder

If medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and midwives fail to diagnose the symptoms of pre-eclampsia by not prescribing the necessary tests and examinations; which results in the condition developing and causing harm to mother and child, then there may be a case for medical negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered from pre-eclampsia and believe that either the failure to diagnose the condition, or substandard treatment, has led to the worsening of the patient’s condition then speak to our medical negligence solicitors.

Our team of Liverpool solicitors have experience in dealing with prenatal condition claims such as pre-eclampsia. For more information on claiming medical negligence compensation call us on 0151 735 000, and speak to a medical negligence solicitor today.


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