Asbestos Case Studies


£160,000 for Electricity Board worker suffering from mesothelioma

Industrial Disease and Asbestos Lawyer, Nick Gaze, obtained an award in excess of £160,000 for a mesothelioma sufferer who once worked in the 1950’s for the Electricity Board.


£215,000 damages recovered for family of factory worker exposed to asbestos for 30 years

Asbestos solicitor Peter Kneale recently concluded a case by recovering damages of £215,000 for a family. A factory worker who had been exposed to asbestos over the course of about 30 years and one of his colleagues was able to obtain an asbestos survey of the factory which showed that many of the areas in which he had been working had significant amounts of asbestos. The case was unusual in that the loss of the father did not result in a significant loss of family income because since his unrelated illness he had not been able to go to work. The loss was largely the loss of his time which he had provided to the rest of the family by looking after the house whilst his wife was out and provided support to his son.


EAD Solicitors wins case for mesothelioma sufferer

Industrial Disease and Asbestos Lawyer, Nick Gaze, obtained an award of £115,000 net in relation to a mesothelioma sufferer who once worked on the Manchester Ship Canal for a company that refurbished tugs. As it is not uncommon in a case such as this that went back many years, there were difficulties tracing the insurer/insurers used by the company initially.


EAD win asbestos claim for widow from defunct company

Recently we dealt with a claim for a widow of a man who had worked at a lagging company throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s. The company and its insurers had to be traced and subsequently the company itself had to be restored to the Register of Companies. This involved a separate application to the High Court in London with notice being given to the Companies Registrar and the Chancellor of the Duchess of Lancaster. Once the company had been restored to the Register its insurers fortunately admitted liability and settled the claim quite quickly afterwards for the sum of £230,000.


EAD Solicitors win asbestosis claim for smoker

Industrial disease and asbestos lawyer Paul Currie obtained an award of compensation of £62,000 for a lung cancer sufferer who had been exposed to asbestos for a few years at Turner and Newall. The claim was challenged on the grounds that the victim did not have any signs of asbestosis present and had smoked all his life. The employer attempted to argue that in the absence of asbestosis and given the smoking history it was more likely than not that smoking was the cause of the lung cancer rather than asbestos. The claim had been passed on by previous solicitors who were unable to obtain compensation for the victim.


EAD Solicitors win another financial settlement for an asbestos sufferer who had already received provisional damages

Industrial Disease and Asbestos Lawyer, Nick Gaze, obtained an award for an Asbestos sufferer who had previously received a provisional damages award in the 1990’s regarding the condition Asbestosis. The original order stated that if the illness worsened above a certain degree in later years that he could return to the Court to seek further damages.
In this case there was a medical argument over the extent of that deterioration. Nevertheless, the Court was persuaded that deterioration in the medical condition had occurred. The Court duly awarded the sufferer a further £100,000 in damages.


£110,000 mesothelioma claim settled in five months by EAD Solicitors

Senior Partner at EAD Solicitors , Steve Cornforth, recovered £110,000 for a mesothelioma sufferer from the insurers of the Claimant’s former employers. The case was dealt with from initial interview to receipt of compensation in 5 months.



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