Industrial Disease Case Studies

£5,500 compensation for former metalworker exposed to excessive noise

Industrial disease solicitor Paul Currie recovered £5,500 compensation for a former metalworker who sustained partial hearing loss as a result of exposure to excessive noise. The compensation was recovered despite the company going out of business in the 1980s as the company was restored solely for the purposes of the claim.

£65,000 compensation for council worker suffering from vibration white finger

Paul Currie, specialist industrial disease solicitor, successfully recovered substantial compensation for a former council worker who was exposed to vibration during the course of his employment as an arborist. The case was challenged on grounds of limitation, exposure to vibration and causation of injuries.

£7,000 compensation for mild asthma sufferer exposed to isocyanates

Industrial disease solicitor Paul Currie obtained an award of £7,000 for a client who had been exposed to isocyanates within chemicals he used at work. Although the levels of isocyanates were low compensation was recovered on the basis that the employer could have done more to prevent the chemicals being inhaled.

£5,000 compensation recovered for 9 month exacerbation of pre-existing asthma

A client who had pre-existing asthma all his life which was made worse for 9 months by inhalation of various types of irritant dust recovered £5,000 compensation with the assistance of industrial disease solicitor Paul Currie.

£32,000 compensation for worker exposed to repetitive manual work

Industrial disease solicitor Paul Currie successfully recovered in excess of £32,000 compensation for a factory worker who was exposed to repetitive manual work regularly and went on the develop a repetitive strain injury. The employer challenged the case on the basis that they believed they had risk assessed the work properly. Expert evidence was obtained which challenged the employer’s risk assessment and the case was won on the basis that had the employer obtained expert advice instead of risk assessing themselves inadequately it would have been obvious that the work presented a foreseeable risk of injury.

£24,000 compensation for utilities worker with a work related upper limb disorder

Industrial disease solicitor Paul Currie recovered £24,000 compensation for a utilities worker who had suffered repetitive injuries to his arms when undertaking gas escape work for his employers. The employers tried to argue that no liability should attach but they failed to pay heed to the client’s regular complaints that the repetitive manual work was causing him pain and liability was established.


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