Vibration White Finger FAQ’s

Who do I claim against when making a claim for vibration white finger?

Your claim for vibration white finger would be against any company which has exposed you to excessive vibration. Typically, this is a former employer or company you worked for on a sub-contract basis. However whilst that is the case, your claim if successful will be paid out by the employer’s liability insurance policy in place at the time you were exposed.

I worked for a number of companies at which I was required to use vibrating tools. Which previous employer would I claim against?

Potentially, you would be able to claim against all of them. However much will depend upon the circumstances of your exposure to vibration, how many companies you worked for and for how long you worked at each company.

How much compensation can I claim for vibration white finger?

Compensation for vibration white finger varies greatly from the most minor cases which may only result in a couple of thousand pounds to the most severe cases which can see awards for injuries alone at up to £30,000 and additional claims for loss of earnings, loss of pension, care, services and disadvantage on the labour market, amongst others, can be made.

How long does it take to settle a vibration white finger claim?

The length of time of your case will depend upon a number of factors including whether the companies against which you seek compensation are still in existence, whether we can locate employer’s liability insurer details, how long it takes HMRC to send to us an accurate record of your work history, how many employers you are seeking to claim against and whether they choose to defend your claim or not. Typically, a short claim against one employer who admits liability and pays compensation early can be resolved within 12, but a long claim against many employers some of whom no longer exist and which is fought to trial, can take in the region of 3 years.

How much does it cost to make a claim for vibration white finger?

With EAD, you will never be required to make a payment out of your pocket. Your claim will be run on a no win no fee basis which means you will not have to make any payment unless your claim wins. If your claim wins you may be required to pay up to 25% from your compensation towards your legal fees and in some circumstances, you may be advised to take out an after the event insurance policy to protect your damages and cover the cost of fees incurred along the way. All of these points will be explained to you by your solicitor.


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