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Road cycling has become a more popular way to travel and get around whilst still getting some exercise. As more and more of us take up the saddle, inspired by the likes of Chris Hoy’s or Bradley Wiggins’, accidents on the road involving bicycles are unfortunately on the increase. Thats where our Cycling Accident Compensation Solicitors, are on hand to help you through this traumatic and painful time.

In 2011 there were a reported 19,215 cyclist casualties. Of the total casualties 3,085 were considered to be seriously injured, 107 died. These figures only represent road accidents that were reported to the police.

Cyclists are considered a high risk when it comes to road accidents due to other high-speed traffic on the roads. If you were involved in a cycling accident EAD’s Cycling Accident Compensation Solicitors can help you recover, compensation and assist in repairing your bike. We can also help with damage caused to any other cyclist equipment which has been damaged in the accident.

Hit by a motor vehicle

Although we strongly advise cyclists to use all the necessary cycling safety equipment, the likes of a crash helmet and fluorescent glow in the dark cycling jerseys offer little protection in a collision with a speeding car.

In some cases the erratic driving of a speeding car can cause a cyclist to swerve or fall in an attempt to move out of the way, although there is no collision the irresponsible driving of a motorist has caused an accident. If the driver is noble enough to stop and pull over then take down the details of the driver and their vehicle.

Cyclists knocked off their bike by a careless driver can be left with serious injury due to the nature of the collision. Common injuries can include fractured limbs and head injuries.

Fallen off your bike because of a pothole

You don’t have to go far on the highways and byways of the UK to come across a pothole. Although the sight of road-works seems all too familiar it seems that potholes are everywhere. It was reported that in 2008, councils spent around £48million mending 750,000 potholes.

If you have found yourself being thrown from your bicycle after riding over a pothole which left you with injury then you can claim. It is advisable to note down exactly where the pothole is. If possible take pictures of the pothole. You should consider informing either the police or local authority about the pothole and the harm it has caused you.

Defective equipment

Whether you’re riding a BMX or a mountain bike, if you spent £100 or £1000, you still expect your bike along with the safety equipment you have bought to serve its purpose. From failed brakes to helmets disintegrating under inadequate force, bikes and riding equipment breaking or failing can result in the rider being seriously injured.

If you are a cyclist who has been injured whilst on the road and feel you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured then contact EAD Solicitors. Our road traffic accident solicitors are experts at recovering compensation for cyclists who have suffered personal injuries after a crash or fall.

For more information call us on 0151 735 1000 or use our ask a solicitor service, it provides free legal advice direct from our Cycling Accident Compensation Solicitors today.


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