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Supporting sufferers of GBS, CIDP and related illnesses costs the NHS in the region of £200 million per annum. Few people have heard of these devastating neurological conditions which, quite apart from the horrendous cost implications, can be life changing for those diagnosed and frightening for family and friends.

The incidence levels are relatively small and fortunately most patients (80%) make a near full recovery. However, a small percentage may be left with residual effects, some may never be able to resume their former life and sadly in GBS, death can occur in around 5-10% of cases.

Founded in 1985, the GBS Support Group is the only national organisation in the UK and Republic of Ireland dedicated to supporting people affected by these conditions.

The Charity today has 3 main aims:

• The provision of care, information, non-medical advice to those affected;

• Promoting research into the causes, prevention and treatment;

• Advancing the education of medical professionals and the pubilc.

Fulfilling our objectives is an expensive commitment and we are very proud that in the past 25 years we have spent over £400,000 on research, have a further commitment of £350,000 over the next three years and recently launched our 2016 centenary appeal with an initial target of £1 million.

We rely solely on voluntary donations, fundraising events and income from legacies.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy and would like to discuss it with us, please call 01529 469910 or email office@gbs.org.uk

Contact: Lesley Dimmick

Charity No: 327314 & SCO39900

Website: www.gbs.org.uk

Email: office@gbs.org.uk

Address: Woodholme House, Heckington Business Park, Station Road, Heckington, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 9JH

Telephone: 01529 469910


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