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Specialising in hedgehogs, Tiggywinkles has successfully rescued, treated and rehabilitated over 200,000 sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife casualties since inception. Dependency on public compassion underpins the work of a committed team of veterinary staff and volunteers dedicated to providing the best care and medical expertise for their patients. A wealth of knowledge in wildlife care is passed on through specialist training courses at this purpose built hospital. If this lifesaving work is to grow and thrive, your crucial legacy will help forge a secure path for wild animals and birds for many years to come. Your gift can also be in the form of a donation or by becoming a friend of Tiggywinkles.


Contact: Jenny Babb

Charity No: 286447

Website: www.tiggywinkles.com

Email: jennybabb@sttiggywinkles.org.uk

Address: Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, Aston Rd, Haddenham, Bucks, HP17 8AF

Telephone: 01844 292511


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